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"FLB is nothing short of awesome. Not only is the food incredible (We've never had a bad dish), but the owners make you feel right at home when you come in. Love the place and the people. BTW, try the stuffed chicken. It's wonderful. " - Bubba

"I bought a gorgeous veggie pizza. Homemade, with tomatoes, green onion, black olives, parmesan, mozzarella, and a lovely sauce. My husband and I popped it in the oven for 5 min and opened a bottle of wine. By the time I finished my first glass, dinner was done! This pizza will be a regular item in our weekly dinner rotation. It was just perfect! Crust was crispy and thin. The ingredients were fresh and delicious. Thanks for making dinner so easy and yummy for my family! See you next week! :) " - Wanda M.

I am a big fan of Fat Lady Baker - I have to admit I enjoy their foods to go more than once a week - I have always loved the chicken pot pie - it is like hugs from mom, Christmas morning and all those warm childhood memories - goodness wrapped up in pastry - a true comfort food BUT this weekend I tried the beef pot pie - NEVER did I think the chicken pot pie could take a back seat - but it has all those yummy characteristics of the chicken and then went up a level - TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks - hats off to you - took my favorite and made it different but better!!! The bad part - now I will have to choose - probably not - will just order both and eat a little of this one - little of that one the possibilites are endless...... - KC

"OH MY GOSH!! That was the BEST chicken pot pie I have ever had in my entire life!! I used to buy them at a place in Avon, CT called Pie Plate and I would buy them in bulk. But I've got to say, yours are better . . . Again, my tummy says thanks that was the best!! Oh and the baguette ..delicious! I am a bread lover and those are really wonderful." - Debbi B.

"Best cookies around!! This place has become one of my favorites. Will definitely return and recommend to everyone I know. Thanks for the delicious Christmas cookies Fat Lady!!!" - Laura K.

"I just recently had the best sales meeting - one of the main reasons - Fat Lady Baker provided the sandwiches, the pumpkin bread and the bars! The entire group (around 30) voted to use her from now on for our lunches. They arrived as scheduled - not too early/late everything packaged perfect and made me look like a winner! Thanks to Nancy, Barb and the rest of the great crew - I have ALWAYS enjoyed their food and now was able to pass on to others the best baker in the area! - Thanks again!" - Karen

"Absolutely loved the Chicken Scratch sandwich! Best chicken salad I've ever had!" - Whitney

"I recently attended a sales meeting where their sandwiches were served. The sandwiches were outstanding! The bread was extremely fresh and made with quality meats. I would recommend them to anyone!" - Mystery

  "Just had ur chicken pot pie I picked up at Woodstock farmer's market. Delicious!!!! We are expecting our first little one in September and I think we need to stock up on this deliciousness!!!" - Ashley M.

"So, I was at the Marietta Farmers Market today and as I have done many times, picked up some bikini bars. I have never tried the Ezekiel bread but decided to pick up a loaf. I read on your site that I should slice it and put what I was not going to eat within a few days in the freezer. So, I got home, sliced off a few pieces and put the rest in the freezer which is probably going to be a waste of time; I made the mistake of eating one of the slices I left out. OMG, this is the best bread I think I have ever eaten! It was so fresh and even without any topping it was delicious. My complaint is I only bought one loaf smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes Seriously, now I have two favorite items. Just wanted to pass along how awesome I think the bread is!" - T of Marietta, GA

"Oh my goodness, Nancy - Today was my first stop in to the store, but definitely won't be my last. I got all my goodies home, put the pot pie in the oven and just had to have a "taste" of the quinoa salad; it smelled wonderful and looked so fresh. Well, one taste led to another and before long, I ate the whole thing and wanted more. It was DELICIOUS! Can't wait to try more of your great foods and bakery items!" - Rose

"Nancy, I've been a fan of your bars and bread for a while. The quality is so consistent, and the taste is amazing!!"

"Thank you soooo much for the King cake. I got the baby from the big one. I need to get the info so I can order next year. These cakes are really, really good. Better than the one we got from “Naw Leans”!!!" -Sharon H.

"Just picked up Chicken Piccata from Nancy at the Marietta Farmer's Market. All I can say is wow - a great combination of moist, juicy chicken in a butter lemon sauce with capers. A perfect choice for when you don't feel like spending a ton of time in the kitchen!" -Jan S.

"Love, love, love the Bikini Bars. Best ever! I cannot go back to regular granola bars. Thank you for the gift of your culinary talents...and for my "go to" bars. A Fat Lady Fan," - Beth E.

"Just experienced my first order from the Fat Lady Baker but it will not be my last. Nancy made my wife a flourless dark chocolate birthday cake with a chocolate ganache icing and it was out of this world good. She has loads of bread and daily meals for 2 that you can cook at home. Go see her today." - Kevin W.

"Ezekiel seed bars are amazing!!! I got some at Woodstock Farmners market last Saturday and I didn\'t get enough! I will go get more this Saturday! Awesome!!! Thanks." - Judi B.

"Your Ezekiel bread is the best bread I've ever had. It's also the only bread I'll eat now! It's a pleasure to pick some up every Saturday morning!. " -Lyndsey L..

"Nancy, thank you for the Aussie Chicken. It was absolutely fantastic. It was my reward dinner the 15th after my last tax client. I'll definitely be back to try more dishes. " -Barb F.

"I am totally in awe about these Ezekiel Seed Bars - WOW! Love the taste, they are very satisfying and thick, not like those thin bars you pay upwards of $6-$8 per box for that are loaded down with sugar and high in fat content. My son loves them too and he is a college football player - you know it takes ALOT to satisfy those big hungry guys! "
-Rhonda T.

"I am in love with the Cinnamon Pecan Danish and cream puffs. The pumpkin bread is great with my morning coffee. Fat Lady Baker you rock!!" -Yvonne S.

"I love love the bikini bars!!!" -Terri H.

"My name is Kevin and I do the morning show on 104.7 The Fish. I just wanted you to know that I am HOOKED on your Ezikiel bars and bread! I have a slice of the bread with some almond butter every morning during our show as a snack and the bars later in the day or on the weekend when I'm out on my road bike.
I'll be picking up some more tomorrow in Marietta!"

"Fat Lady Baker, you all have got some of the BEST breads I've ever tried! Especially digging the '"Fat Lady Bikini Bars:" I was lucky enough to score earlier today off the Marietta Sq. Thanks Fat Lady Baker!!! "

"Just got your Ezekiel seed bars from the Tucker Farmer's market. Amazing . . . I love you Fat Lady Baker. You have a customer for life. Thanks.." - Lisa K

"The jalapeno cheese bread is addictive! One of the best things about the Brookhaven Farmers Market every weekend." - Kim & Carson

"I bought your ezekiel seed loaf at Canton market Sat July 9th. It was yummy - much better than the ezekiel bread I buy frozen at the store. It is great for breakfast since I am a vegan. It is the perfect bread for me, will be buying more." - Margie at Woodstock

"Honest to goodness...the Ezekiel seed bread is the best tasting bread in the world! I ate 1/2, froze the other 1/2 which I took out of the freezer one year later, and it was unbelievably moist and delicious! Nancy's passion for bread making, along with her funny wit and sidekick-helper/baker Mom....second to none! Keep on doing what you do best. - Susie

"I bought your gluten free tartlet shells at the Marietta Farmer\'s market last Saturday.  Delicious!  I am so excited to try out different desserts with the awesome shells.  Thank You So Much!!! I will be back in a few weeks to update my stock! - Alison S.

" I bought a loaf of your Ezekiel Seed Bread yesterday at the Marietta Farmer's Market. It's delicious! I enjoyed it this morning for breakfast toasted with a little honey drizzled over it. It's perfect with a cup of coffee. Tonight I plan to have it with olive oil..."
- Aletia DuPree (Speaker, Author, and Cooking Instructor -Deliciously Southern - www.aletiadupree.com)

"We love all the breads and muffins from Fat Lady Baker! We take orders for our whole office and Nancy delivers everything fresh..." - Cathy

"Ezekiel seed bread - how can something so delicious be so good for you? This is the best Ezekiel bread I have ever had. The nutty flavor is a real treat. Out of four stars I have to give it a 10." - Charlie C

wheat "My first thought was that it was very dense and hearty. It wasn't sticky like muffins, but it was really moist and not crumbly. The flavor and aroma was awesome! I love butter, partly because a lot of bread is dry and a little bland, but the honey wheat bread was even better without butter! " - Staci

wheat "Love your Ezekiel Bread - it is so full of flavor! The loaf cuts nicely into slices before freezing. For a snack I toast a piece and then top with a bit of apple butter - yum! - very filling and healthy." - Anne B.

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